A Tale of Two Fails


If there’s any truth to Oscar Wilde’s witticism that “experience is what we call our mistakes” then learning from the mistakes of others would seem to be a low-risk, high-return investment.

While not exhaustive postmortems, I’ve analyzed the failures of two high-profile arts organizations to see what useful lessons you might learn without having to endure for yourself a fiscal meltdown. (more…)

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Tax Time Chill Pill for Creatives

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Saturday February 15, 2014 – Saturday February 15, 2014

2438 W Anderson Ln

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Few words strike more fear in the hearts of business-minded creative folks than “tax time.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Lower your April 15th anxiety by attending this “chill pill” seminar presented by Business of Arts.

Robert “Rex” Schuller is the only fire-spinning, stilt-walking, reformed choir boy who’s also a CPA and a Certified Internal Auditor.  In his signature fun-and-fact-filled style, he’ll reveal the easy-to-implement secrets to mastering the great business and tax mysteries of artistic life, including:

•The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes Artists Make and How You Can Avoid Them

•How to Set Up an Goof-Proof Receipt Filing System You’ll Actually Use for Under $15

•Never Again Say “Oops, I Can’t Pay My Taxes” (The Simple Cash Management Method)

•The Little Trick to Knowing Off The Top of Your Head If an Expense is Deductible

•When You Can DIY and When You Must Get Professional Help


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Lessons Learned from 2012′s Most Pirated Show

Website Torrent Freak has named Game of Thrones as the most pirated show of 2012, with one unspecified episode netting nearly 4.3 million downloads.

Moral issues aside, what economic (dis)incentives might be in play?

…hundreds and thousands are downloading the show for free, although many would love to pay for it if HBO offered a standalone HBO GO subscription.

Game of Thrones (or GoT to those in the know) airs on HBO. If you subscribe to HBO, you can either watch the show when it airs, record it to watch later, or log into HBO GO and watch all episodes on demand. Simple, right?

Here’s the catch: you cannot access HBO GO without having a subscription to HBO. This is a classic example of pure bundling. And, of course, you can’t get an HBO subscription without a basic cable subscription.

So if you happen to love GoT, but don’t have–or don’t want–a cable subscription, you have no (legitimate) means to access the content even if you’re willing to pay for it. Ergo, piracy abounds.

I don’t have any insight on HBO’s cost structure or product marketing decisions, other than the current arrangement clearly must be sufficiently profitable in some internal calculus. I say this because HBO’s policy on pure bundling HBO GO has not changed, despite a grass-roots effort to make it more accessible.

Queen Cersei remains, for the moment, on the Iron Throne.

BOTTOM LINE: If you build it, make sure it’s easy for them to come and buy it.

‘Game of Thrones’ Most Pirated Show via Torrent Freak

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Tax Calendar – December 2012

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Here’s what’s due this month:

Dec 17 – Corporations: Deposit the fourth installment of your estimated tax for 2012.

Dec 20 – Texas Sales & Use Tax Return Due for November

Dec 25 – Christmas Holiday (banks closed)

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