3 Big Ideas: The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield

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Book Cover: The War of Art

In the spirit of Josh Kaufman’s Personal MBA site, I post the 10 biggest ideas I learn from the different books I read.

Steven Pressfield has his own 10 big ideas on professionalism, and how “turning pro” separates the working artists from the aspiring artists.  I distill his thoughts even further.

  1. Clarity of purpose, drawn from passion, leads to organized effort and effective results.
    • We show up to work everyday
    • We show up no matter what
    • We stay on the job all day
    • We are committed over the long haul
  2. A healthy understanding and love of self means we value ourselves and clearly communicate our value to others
    • The stakes for us are high and real
    • We accept remuneration for our labor
    • We do not overidentify with our jobs
  3. Continue to learn and grow, unafraid to listen to the valuable feedback from the crucible of the marketplace
    • We master the techniques of our jobs
    • We have a sense of humor about our jobs
    • We receive praise or blame in the real world