Biggest Artisan Mistake #1

Posted in Common Mistakes

Treating your business like a hobby and vice versa

Whether it’s choosing the right medium to draw on a particular paper, knowing which f-stop will best capture your vision, or where to breathe in a song for the biggest emotional impact, you’ve spent years or decades honing your core skills as an artisan. Once you introduce money into the equation, you’ll need an additional set of business skills in order to find a market for your art, deliver it to your audience, and collect payments on a consistent basis. So if you really just want to do, make, or perform your art and don’t need income from it, then save yourself the frustration and focus only on your art. Ars gratia artis… art for art’s sake. But if you’re going to feed yourself, clothe yourself, or keep a roof over your head with money from your art, then treat the endeavor for what it is: a business. You’re not selling out; you’re setting yourself up for success.