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Funky will still fail if you’re doing it wrong

07.18.2016 · Posted in Common Mistakes, Observations

Any marketing idea—no matter how funky, gimmicky, or just plain weird—will fail if it’s poorly executed. Here in Austin, we’ve developed an international reputation for keeping things weird. This ethos can even include our marketing. Did you know about the local company that used to ride rollerblades while distributing gig posters for bands? Another version ...

A Tale of Two Fails

01.08.2014 · Posted in Common Mistakes, Observations

If there’s any truth to Oscar Wilde’s witticism that “experience is what we call our mistakes” then learning from the mistakes of others would seem to be a low-risk, high-return investment. While not exhaustive postmortems, I’ve analyzed the failures of two high-profile arts organizations to see what useful lessons you might learn without having ...

Learning How to Learn

01.06.2011 · Posted in Common Mistakes, How-To

It's a personal leadership challenge to repeat the things we do right and not repeat the things we do wrong. Peter Bregman offers his three-question prescription to improve how you learn about yourself and what works for you ...