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Marketing Plan Review Season

11.05.2010 · Posted in How-To

With the change in the seasons, New York-based creativity coach Melissa Rosatti shares her tips for both reflecting on your marketing efforts this past year and preparing for a fruitful new year. ...

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What Editors Won’t Tell You

11.02.2010 · Posted in Common Mistakes, How-To

Writer's Digest has compiled a list of the top 15 "secret" expectations, customs, and norms that aspiring writers tend to violate when working with editors. Have you broken any of these basic-but-unwritten rules of professionalism and common courtesy? ...

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DIY Business School

08.17.2010 · Posted in 10 Big Ideas, How-To

All in the name of DIY business education and inspired by Josh Kaufman's "Personal MBA" blog, I'm starting to post summaries of business and self-improvement books I read. ...

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Everyone needs a cash reserve

07.28.2010 · Posted in How-To

Many of us are living close to our financial limit these days. This makes building a comfortable cash reserve all the more important. If you've always wanted to strengthen your savings account, but have lacked a simple how-to, read on. ...

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