Mad Men “Action” Figures

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Four of the main Mad Men characters—Don, Betty, Roger, and Joan—are set to be released as versions of Barbie & Ken dolls.  (Ok, they’re not really action figures in the usual sense, but fans of the show know how much “action” these four get so I couldn’t resist.)

In a New York Times interview Kevin Beggs, president of Mad Men‘s production studio Lionsgate, said that several “nontraditional” marketing methods were being used to increase the show’s audience.  Besides the Mattel dolls, other licensing agreements have been struck with clothiers Brooks Brothers and Banana Republic.

Your art may not quite have the audience of Mad Men devotees—if it does, we so need to talk—and dolls might not be the best fit for your product licensing.  But this story is another reminder of how important it is to explore and experiment with as many different marketing methods as you can.

In addition to marketing methods that simply attract people’s attention, the show’s producers are creating and delivering more of the show’s value.  The more ways an audience can connect with the value they cherish in your art—be it a sculpture, play, feature film, or TV show—the more opportunities you have to profit from it.

Story & photo via the New York Times.