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Coppola on Risk & Creativity

01.04.2011 · Posted in How-To

Ariston Anderson conducted a fascinating interview with Francis Ford Coppola that was recently published on Behance’s The 99 Percent blog. Among some excellent tips on improvisation, working with powerhouse actors, and developing your artistic style, he offers these three rules to aspiring filmmakers: Write and direct original screenplays make them with the most modern technology ...

A Call To Action

12.23.2010 · Posted in Observations

I believe that creativity can peacefully and profitably co-exist with business, but that's not going to happen until we own up to the notion that the core skills we need to be an artist aren't sufficient to be a successful artist. ...

The Myth of Overnight Success

12.20.2010 · Posted in Common Mistakes, Observations

Surfing the interwebs recently, I came across this little gem: Back of every “Success Story” you will almost invariably find a story of hard work.  There is nothing startingly new about this observation, but it is one which can never be overlooked when you are interested in achieving recognition—and remuneration—beyond the average ...