The Care and Feeding of Ideas

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As part of their “Tools for Creativity” mini-series, Make magazine recently posted to their blog an insightful and encouraging list of 10 tips for “The Care and Feeding of Ideas.” Some are good reminders; all are practical. My favorite:

Step 6: Make it ugly and quickly, at first
If you’re passionate about your idea (and you should be), your head may be exploding with possibilities … It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and at this point it’s a good idea to remember the KISS principle. First time out, reduce your idea to its simplest, most minimal execution, and make that version. Otherwise, you can get caught waiting on the tools, time, or materials to make it “perfect” the first time.

Ideas are great, but they don’t happen until you get them out of your head and into some tangible form, no matter how tenuous or ‘ugly’ the first draft seems. Get nine more inspirations in the article.

The Care and Feeding of Ideas via Make