The Enduring Archetype of the Starving Artist

Posted in Observations

Two observations:

If you consider yourself a working artist, you’re likely a starving artist.

If you’re starving, it’s very likely your own damn fault.

Now I’m really going to piss you off.

Starving artists are much like the hordes of zombies that frequent our popular culture today. Think about it: they spend all day milling about with other zombies, mindlessly looking for morsels of food. If a fresh brain (or, potential audience) happens to inadvertently cross their field of view, they pounce (or, slowly coagulate en masse as zombies do) and a few of the zombies get some scraps or the brain is scared away, unscathed. Either way, the still-hungry zombie hordes shuffle off and resume milling about.

Why does this image endure in our society?

Because it’s largely true!

Does that piss you off? Good! It should.

Does that make it fair? No! It doesn’t.

Do you want to do something about it? Maybe even to prove me wrong?

Excellent! Read on.