Where to Sell Your Wares

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Artists with art to vend often face the perplexing problem of where to sell their wares online. Blogger Jason Fitzpatrick analyzed the marketplace for, well, marketplaces and offers his top five picks:

  1. Big Cartel
  2. Shopify
  3. Self-hosted
  4. Etsy
  5. Sell Simply

Several of my clients have reported success with Etsy—it has a lot of name recognition as far as I can tell—but as a service slinger (as opposed to a product peddler) I have no personal experience with any of these electronic emporiums except for #3.  I roll all my own websites, including this one, and I often wonder if that’s the best use of my time & energy. Share your experiences in the comments.

Five Best Places to Set Up Shop Online

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