Why You Have Insurance

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You DO have insurance, DON’T YOU?

The county music duo Sugarland has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit stemming from the collapse of the stage at the Indiana State Fair three months earlier.  The accident, which killed seven and injured another 44, occurred just minutes before the group was set to perform.  Yes, having probably narrowly escaped death, the group finds itself at risk again.

It’s a tragic situation and I’ll leave a discussion of the finer points of negligence theory to the legal scholars.  But I want to highlight the importance of taking steps to adequately protect your business.  This includes liability insurance.

I have run shows both ways: fully insured and sans insurance.  The “commando style” show even featured an aerialist suspended breathtakingly close to the heads of the front row audience.  Everything turned out okay, but promoting a show without the financial safety net of insurance was an unnecessary risk that I’m not exactly proud of… or willing to take again.  Several organizations offer group liability insurance coverage for clowns and other performers at incredibly reasonable rates.  I could not have put on a show at a Six Flags theme park–featuring a half-dozen fire performers, no less–without such insurance.

Yes, I’ve gotten away with it, and maybe you have, too.  But for many professional venues, the lack of insurance is a show stopper.  For that matter, so is a lawsuit.  Insurance won’t ward off lawsuits, but policies can be a talisman against the financial devastation that can follow an unfortunate accident.

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